Security guard faces prison

Crofton man pleads guilty to gun charges, assault outside market


A Crofton man employed last winter as an armed security guard despite previous weapons convictions pleaded guilty yesterday in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court to illegal gun possession and pointing his handgun at a man outside the market where he worked.

Karl Glenn Salenieks, 35, will be sentenced to between six and 10 years in prison under the terms of the plea agreement, said Kristin Riggin, spokeswoman for the state's attorney's office. The agreement calls for Judge Joseph P. Manck to sentence Salenieks to five years in prison without parole on the gun conviction and between one and five years for assault, she said. Sentencing is scheduled Sept. 12.

Anne Arundel police said Salenieks flashed red-and-blue lights and tried to pull over detectives in their unmarked Jeep on Feb. 19. But when he sped away and the detectives then pulled him over, police said, they saw Salenieks had a gun holster and several police items in his car, and learned he worked for Fallsway Security, a Jessup firm owned by a former county police officer.

Detective Thomas Middleton suspected that he was impersonating a police officer. Checking into his background, Middleton found Salenieks had two robbery convictions in Howard County, which would automatically bar him from possessing guns, police said.

The detective found Salenieks the next day at work at Weis market in Odenton, carrying a semiautomatic handgun, according to charging documents. A search of Salenieks' home turned up two semiautomatic handguns, a stun gun, a shotgun, police badges, handcuffs and other police items, according to charging documents.

After Salenieks' arrest, a woman who worked with him at the Weis market and her boyfriend told police about a previous incident.

The two said that in November, they were outside a Weis store in Glen Burnie exchanging keys when Salenieks pulled a gun and pointed it at the boyfriend, Riggin said. Challenged by the boyfriend to contact police, Salenieks called officers to the scene and told them that the two had been involved in a domestic dispute, Riggin said. No charges were pressed at the time.

In March, after the couple learned of Salenieks' arrest and contacted police, Salenieks was charged with assault and related counts. He was also fired from his job at Fallsway Security, the company's owner said at the time.

"The reality is that he has led a law-abiding life since the age of 17, " Peter S. O'Neill, his defense lawyer, said in an interview.

Other gun charges will be dropped at sentencing, Riggin said.

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