`Miami Vice' grips a new audience

Review A-


Miami Vice, the new-millennium movie version of the seminal '80s TV hit, packs hard-grained texture and tingling moods into a bullet-riddled scenario. It sheds the series' famous and influential pastel look and plunges its cast of villains and warriors into the 21st century.

Colin Farrell, a brooder with a glint in his eye, doesn't mimic either Don Johnson's heat or his cool as Sonny Crockett: He makes the role his own with an enigmatic volatility that fills the screen. And Jamie Foxx as Crockett's partner, Ricardo Tubbs, gives the franchise a huge upgrade from Philip Michael Thomas. On TV, it was hard to tell what Tubbs had beneath his flashy suits. Foxx brings crispness, quickness and authority to a cop who keeps 10 toes on the ground in perilous times.

Miami Vice (Universal) Starring Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell and Gong Li. Directed by Michael Mann. Rated R. Time 130 minutes.

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