`Ant Bully' provides life lessons for all ages

Review B-


The perils of being a meanie - any kind of meanie - are brought home in the animated Ant Bully, a derivative little tale with enough good intentions to recommend it, but not enough substance to embrace it.

This is an animated film that seems peculiarly stuck in time, a pint-sized morality tale aimed exclusively at young audiences. Yes, there's something reassuring about an animated feature that'll never be accused of being too smart for its own good. But as Pixar's movies have shown, most recently the marvelous Cars, it is possible for a cartoon to appeal to all ages without having to compromise anything. It's not Ant Bully's fault that Pixar has upped the ante, but it is a fact of Hollywood's animated life.

Ant Bully (Warner Bros.) Voiced by Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep. Directed by John A. Davis. Rated PG. Time 85 minutes.

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