You're Such A Critic


July 28, 2006

THE QUESTION Critics viewed the Wayans' movie Little Man as nothing more than a spinoff of a Bugs Bunny cartoon come to life. For that reason, the movie did not receive good reviews. When it comes to choosing what movie you will see, does it matter what critics say? Why or why not?


Although critics' movie reviews are important to get an idea of whether or not the movie is what the readers are interested in seeing, it is equally important to remember that everyone has their own taste in movies.


I don't take the advice of critics, because many don't seem to really like movies. They're not content for a movie to be entertaining; it has to be logical, or make a statement or some other esoteric mumbo jumbo, when all I really want is to laugh, or cry, or be frightened and then [be] relieved. I get my intellectual stimulation from books and conversation; movies are for fun, and most critics don't seem to get that.


A well-written review gives the reader enough information to make a decision about seeing the movie. A good critic provides the viewer the opportunity to see that movie through a lens of sorts. Hopefully, this adds interest to the movie-going process. Don't tell us a movie is good or bad and bombard us with reasons. Tell us about the movie and illustrate what makes it what it is. We'll know if it's good or bad.


THE NEXT QUESTION Miami Vice was all the rage in the '80s. How does Michael Mann's movie version stack up against the hit TV show?

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