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[Xbox 360] Rated T for Teens

If there's one thing we all need, it's more giant robot games. When it comes to the fine art of building and blasting giant robots, Chromehounds is a true masterpiece.

Craft a killing machine from inventories of parts and arrange them in any way imaginable, then hunt down enemies through vast environments. The trick is to nail them before they have a chance to nail you.

Choose from six role types: the versatile soldier, the tough defender, the ranged sniper, the speedy scout, the powerful gunner or the strategic commander.

A compelling single-player story mode details an alternate past that leads to a full-scale war. The online multiplayer mode lets you and others play through that very war. You side with one of three nations vying for power and tackle a series of battles that can last up to two actual months online.

The control system is a little difficult at first, but after a few rounds you'll quickly adapt.

Sega finally saw the light a while back and got out of the business of making video-game systems so that they could focus on making amazing games like this for other systems. Nintendo, are you listening? Except for your awesome work with the handheld stuff, of course.


Venom Games

[Xbox 360] Rated M for Mature

In a Native American casino, you can typically expect to find video poker, blackjack, alien invasions ...

Wait a sec.

You play as Tommy, a young Cherokee man whose world is thrown into chaos when aliens suddenly attack.

While you're blowing 'em all away with an extensive arsenal, your perception of reality and direction will be blown away, too. As hordes of enemies track you down and mercilessly blast you into oblivion, you defy physics and climb walls and ceilings, and even fight your way back from the spirit world every time you get offed. Dying is no longer an issue -- the deathwalk feature lets you make your way through the alien ship using an innovative portal system that might take you anywhere, from the surface of tiny planets to the spot where you last died.

Visually stunning, Prey's main stars are crystal-clear graphics and silky-smooth transitions.

NCAA Football 2007

EA Sports

[Various platforms] Rated E for Everyone

Play as any of 119 Division I teams in single-player, competitive or deep dynasty modes. Pit rivals against one another for added intensity. Take your team to the national title, then rebuild as your graduating class moves on.

If the season gets to be too much for you, unwind with minigames such as bowling, where a touchdown scores you a strike.

Truly excellent game play from this year's model.


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