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July 24, 2006


Bush's bill challenges criticized

An American Bar Association task force concluded that President Bush's unprecedented challenges to bills he signed into law pose a dangerous challenge to constitutional checks and balances. pg 1A


School rehires questioned

The new Anne Arundel County schools superintendent wants to rehire two recently retired administrators in an arrangement that would get around state retirement rules. But some school board members are questioning the cost and the propriety of the two-year deal. pg 1B

Family mourns killed soldier

Cpl. Matthew P. Wallace - the latest soldier from Maryland to die from the war in Iraq - was being mourned yesterday by family and friends in his native St. Mary's County. His mother said the family had flown to Germany and, though he was unconscious, told him they were proud of the man he had become and of his sacrifice. pg 1B

2 die in Eldersburg house fire

The 78-year-old former owner of a Pikesville auto shop and his 51-year-old son died in a fire that ravaged their cluttered brick split-level home in Eldersburg early yesterday, fire officials said. pg 1B


U.S. urged to call for cease-fire

International pressure mounted on the Bush administration yesterday to call for an immediate cease-fire in the hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice headed to the region in search of a long-term solution to the 12-day-old conflict. pg 1A

Saddam Hussein hospitalized

Saddam Hussein was hospitalized yesterday morning, and was being fed with a tube and given tests to ensure that he could stand trial this week despite a hunger strike that began July 7, Iraqi and U.S. officials said. pg 7A


Woods wins British Open

Tiger Woods successfully defended his British Open title with a two-stroke victory over Chris DiMarco at Royal Liverpool. It was Woods' 11th major championship. pg 1D

Landis completes Tour victory

Floyd Landis became the third American to win the Tour de France as he cruised to victory in Paris. His victory kept cycling's most prestigious title in American hands for an eighth straight year. pg 1D


Artscape wrap-up

Our team of arts writers - pop music critic Rashod Ollison, theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck, classical music critic Tim Smith, restaurant critic Elizabeth Large and art critic Glenn McNatt - take a look at the food, art, music and theater of Artscape. pg 1C

Inside a New York newsroom

Tabloid Wars, a six-episode series that takes viewers inside the manic world of a New York tabloid, is set to air on Bravo tonight. The series, filmed documentary-style over three months last summer, is in many ways a nostalgic paean to a rapidly disappearing phenomenon: the local newspaper war. pg 1C


"Have you ever seen a 360-pound man doing some Pilates? That's a lot of rope."

Ravens guard Edwin Mulitalo on how he traded 15 pounds of fat for muscle in the offseason Article, PG 1D

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