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July 20, 2006










Wal-Mart wins lawsuit

A federal judge struck down Maryland's first-in-the nation law that effectively required Wal-Mart to spend more on employee health care. U.S. District Court Judge J. Frederick Motz ruled that only the federal government could impose such employee mandates. pg 1a

Flush tax agreement reached

The U.S. Department of Defense has agreed to spend $22 million on upgrading its wastewater treatment plants throughout Maryland in lieu of paying the Ehrlich administration's flush tax. pg 1b


Bush vetoes stem-cell bill

President Bush's veto yesterday of a measure that would have expanded federal funding of research involving human embryonic stem cells promises to prolong years of sparring over whether the work promotes the destruction of life. pg 1a

House protects Pledge

The House, pointing to the nation's religious origins, voted yesterday to protect the Pledge of Allegiance from federal judges who might try to stop students and others from reciting it because of the phrase "under God." The legislation passed 260-167. It now goes to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain. pg 3a


A deadly day in Lebanon

In the deadliest day in more than a week of fighting, Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah militants clashed in Lebanon yesterday, and more than 70 people were killed. pg 1a

Marriott to ban smoking

Marriott announced yesterday that starting in September, no smoking would be allowed anywhere in its 2,300 hotels in the United States and Canada - not in the 400,000 guest rooms, not in the bars, not in the restaurants, not even in the employee locker rooms. pg 1d


Orioles lose to Athletics, 5-1

Kris Benson gave up five runs and nine hits, including three home runs, in six innings to lose his fourth straight start as Oakland took two of three from the Orioles. pg 1c


A bra ball for charity

The American Visionary Art Museum hosts its first - and perhaps only - Bra Ball this Saturday to raise money for charity. pg 1e

Blogging about life

Bloggers find nothing as interesting as themselves, a new study concludes. pg 1e

Quote Of the day

"We should not and cannot rewrite history to ignore our spiritual heritage. It surrounds us. It cries out for our country to honor God."

Tennessee Rep. Zach Wamp, on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance Article, PG 3a

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