Oliver Stone says drugs influenced his life, and he influenced Scorsese

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Guests this past weekend at the Park Regency hotel may have been surprised to sniff some funny-smelling smoke drifting around director Oliver Stone's suite, but they shouldn't have been.

"I like ayahuasca," a hallucinogenic tea, said Stone, who's also spoken of his love of pot. "And I liked LSD, and I liked peyote."

The director of Platoon and JFK thinks tripping is so beneficial that he once spiked his father's wine with acid. The gonzo filmmaker tells Chris Heath in the new GQ magazine that he was just trying to help -- like the time his father lent him one of his favorite French prostitutes for the young director's first sexual experience.

But Stone got serious to direct World Trade Center, starring Nicolas Cage, about two Port Authority police officers trapped in the collapse of the towers on Sept. 11. "The script was very emotional -- it got to me," said the moviemaker, a Trinity School and Yale grad who served in Vietnam.

In fact, it was the uniform jacket he wore to Martin Scorsese's film class -- and Stone's angry attitude -- that he claims provided Scorsese with one of his greatest inspirations.

"Whatever it was," he said, "he certainly used it in Taxi Driver.

"I'm sure that factored in, because I was driving a cab. He may not have known about it, but the seething part, and I used to wear an Army jacket, and I looked a lot like [Robert] De Niro going to class."

Nowhere to run

Kate Moss found herself trapped in the London home of rock royal Jade Jagger when an army of photographers camped outside Jagger's mansion Wednesday night. Moss phoned police and claimed that her safety was being compromised, complaining: "These people are making money out of me." Officers were unable to remove the annoying -- yet law-abiding -- paparazzi, however, and Moss elected to spend the night at Jagger's estate.

South Park on Broadway

Broadway is preparing for some frat-boy funnies. South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker confirmed to celebrityweek.com's Sean Daly that they will be heading to Broadway, working with the guys from Avenue Q.

More illegal substances

Pop prince Justin Timberlake is shedding his squeaky-clean image. "I'm just like everyone else, I get completely plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and I've been caught places with my pants down," the singer crows to the UK's Observer. Timberlake even weighs in on the paparazzi persecution of ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. "And, like, Britney's an unfit mother because she put her child in the car seat backwards. ... I feel bad for her." From the mouths of babes, everyone.

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