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I have a poundcake recipe that is baked in a large bundt pan. I would like to make smaller ones in mini-bundt pans. Is there a rule of thumb for this conversion?

Timing and volume are the two main concerns when changing a baking pan from the one called for in a recipe.

There isn't a rigid formula for the timing when changing the size of your bundt pan, so you'll have to check the doneness within a time range.

We found Sarah Phillips' pan-conversion chart (which compares baking-pan size and volume) so handy that we printed a copy from her Web site, baking911.com, to keep close at hand.

Phillips shows how to measure a pan's volume and depth by filling pans with water to determine how much batter they can hold.

Using this method, you can figure the number of small pans needed, based on the batter used in your larger pan. But she offers a warning about changing the type of pan used.

"Be careful substituting a pan when the recipe indicates that a tube pan should be used, such as an angel food cake pan or a bundt pan. Generally the recipe requires this type of pan so the heat is distributed properly," she writes.

Donna Pierce writes for the Chicago Tribune.

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