Hot, hot, hot

July 18, 2006

As foolish as it may seem to criticize matters over which mere mortals have no control, we know we speak for millions when we say it's just ludicrously hot and humid outside. Drat, even complaining is not helping relieve the discomfort. But anything is worth a try when the heat index tops 100 as it did yesterday - and likely will again today. Baltimore is really not at its best when it's hot enough to fry a crabcake on a lawn ornament.

We admit there are more productive responses to our meteorological misfortune than expressing our displeasure with it. We can stay indoors in the afternoons when things are at their hottest. We can drink fluids and wear light colors, and some of us can hang out at the pool. We can look out for our elderly neighbors, children and pets who are at risk. But isn't that just enabling the weather? You put up with this kind of thing and it'll just keep doing it next week, or maybe next month or next summer.

There are all kinds of explanations, involving prevailing weather patterns and other matters of climatology, for why Maryland is forced to endure such unpleasantness on a regular basis. Trust us, none of it is very satisfying. The best that can be said is that it's great snowball and snow cone weather. At least it gives a person something to mutter about - even if we can't seem to persuade anyone to do much about it.

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