The Week That Was

July 16, 2006

Military changes could bring 45,000 jobs

In a draft report prepared for the state Department of Business and Economic Development, Towson University's research and consulting arm forecasts that the national military base shuffling ordered last year could yield more than 45,000 jobs for the state -- many of them high-paying civilian military and defense contractor positions moving to Aberdeen Proving Ground and Fort Meade.

City offers new HIV testing

Baltimore health officials are employing a test that detects the HIV virus at an early stage of infection, hoping it could quickly lead them to "hot spots" where the virus is being transmitted.

The tests are available at the city's east- and west-side health clinics, and will be offered to community organizations that provide HIV testing and counseling.

Water sale plan criticized

A policy drafted by the Ehrlich administration that would allow the sale of water from state parks and other public lands was sharply criticized by a citizens advisory panel appointed by the administration.

Baltimore pricing out residents

A task force warned that Baltimore's surge of expensive housing developments is pricing many longtime residents out of their homes and making the city unaffordable for middle-class professionals and the poor.

Giuliani raises money for Ehrlich

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani visited Maryland for a $4,000-a-couple fundraiser for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s re-election bid. Giuliani also helped Ehrlich raise money during his winning 2002 campaign.

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