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July 16, 2006

1956: Charley Eckman honored

In July 1956, Charley Eckman, the colorful Marylander who coached the Fort Wayne (now Detroit) Pistons of the NBA, was the toast of the Midwest - and the pride of Anne Arundel County.

Known as the "poor man's Casey Stengel" after twice leading his team to the top of the association's Western Division, Eckman was honored 50 years ago at a "Toast of the Post" dinner at Glen Burnie's American Legion.

Eckman lived in Glen Burnie and belonged to American Legion Post No. 40.

In his storied career, he also shined as a Baltimore sportscaster. His trademark "call a cab" and tell-it-like-it-is personality endeared him to generations of sports fans. In July 1995, Eckman died of cancer in his Glen Burnie home at 73. A Sun sportswriter, John Steadman, captured him in a string of Bs: "Bold, brash, blunt, boisterous, brassy."

[Source: The Sun archives and Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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