No run on dolls following error

O's see red - and a little blue - over Roberts bobblehead miscue


Orioles fans eager to put a new Brian Roberts bobblehead doll on their mantel after tonight's game will have to wait a bit longer.

The 20,000 bobbleheads that arrived at Camden Yards didn't exactly resemble their real-life counterpart - they had a dark skin tone with a bluish tint.

"The biggest objection we had with this doll was the coloring," Orioles spokesman Bill Stetka said. "I have not seen it, but I had it described to me as looking like a Smurf."

Originally only the first 20,000 fans 21 and older would get a bobblehead at today's game against the Texas Rangers, but because of the mistake, all fans will receive a voucher they can redeem for a corrected Roberts doll after Sept. 1.

The delayed bobblehead was to be the first of a pair of dolls illustrating Roberts and teammate Melvin Mora's hand-slapping victory celebration. The Mora bobblehead, which is to be given away on Aug. 24 against Minnesota, does, indeed, look like its human inspiration.

Stetka said minor adjustments to prototypes of the Roberts bobblehead, including one in which the doll's skin tone was too pale, were made along the way but that the final approval of the doll was based on a computer image.

"We've learned a lesson to not look just at a JPEG instead of actually looking at the final product," Stetka said. "The original prototype that we got he was too pale, like a light cream color, which isn't Brian's skin tone either."

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