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July 15, 2006


Water sale plan criticized

A policy drafted by the Ehrlich administration that would allow the sale of water from state parks and other public lands was sharply criticized yesterday by a citizens advisory panel appointed by the administration. pg 1b

Severance pay exceeds policies

The Maryland Department of Transportation paid three senior-level employees $147,300 more in severance pay than its policies called for, including $65,000 to one person who spent only four months on the job, according to a report released yesterday by legislative auditors. pg 5b


The call of the yard sale

Every weekend, in suburban culs-de-sac, on rowhouse blocks and country lanes, yard-sale bargain hunters seek treasures amid other people's junk. pg 1d


Steel mill almost repaired

The blast furnace at the Sparrows Point steel mill should be back up and running by Friday, officials from parent company Mittal Steel Co. NV said yesterday. The giant furnace has been down since June 23, when lightning struck an electrical substation and cut power to the plant. pg 8c


Terror detainee trial system

As Congress began hearings this week on a new system for bringing terror detainees to trial, there was only one consensus: that the worst outcome would be a system that is again rejected by the Supreme Court. pg 1a


Hezbollah's headquarters hit

Israeli fighter jets demolished Hezbollah's headquarters in Beirut after striking power plants, the main highway leading from the city to Damacus and Beirut's airport. pg 1a


O's demote Cabrera

The Orioles optioned struggling starter Daniel Cabrera to Triple-A Ottawa in hopes that he will rediscover his dominating form. Team officials said the move was more about repairing Cabrera's mind and mechanics than addressing the clubs flaws. pg 1c














Quote Of the day

"Soap bubbles were my medium, which had beauty, the wow factor ... and the comedy inherent in a soap bubble is always there. I found my niche."

Casey Carle, a self-described "comic bubbleologist" who will explain the science of bubbles at the Maryland Science Center Article, PG 3B

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