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July 12, 2006


Geneva Convention protections

The Bush administration acknowledged yesterday that it was legally obligated to apply Geneva Convention protections to detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, reversing a position it has held for more than four years. But, it declared that the shift would not significantly change the way it currently treats captives. pg 1a


Steffen is ready to talk

Joseph F. Steffen Jr., the former longtime aide to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. who disappeared as a special legislative committee examining the administration's firing practices was seeking him to testify, has returned to the Baltimore area and is ready to talk to lawmakers. The man dubbed "The Prince of Darkness" by the governor has also returned to political campaigning, working for a Republican candidate for Harford County council president. pg 1a


Explosion rocks train in India

With frightening precision, seven explosions in rapid succession struck a busy commuter railway last night in Bombay, the financial capital of India, killing more than 170 people, injuring at least 300 and turning the rush hour into a grisly tableau of carnage. pg 1a

At least 35 killed in Iraq

Sectarian gunfights, mosque bombings and executions of unarmed civilians continued to roil Iraq, leaving at least 35 Iraqis dead and 45 wounded in the capital alone.

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BGE debt downgraded

A major debt-rating agency downgraded Baltimore Gas & Electric's debt, citing concerns about Maryland's regulatory environment and the recent law deferring much of BGE's 72 percent rate increase. pg 1d

High-end is high demand in city

The developer of a luxury Fells Point apartment complex is selling the development even before the apartments are rented out - a sign of just how strong demand is for high-end apartments in Baltimore. pg 1d


Barbaro evidence inconclusive

Seven members of the Maryland Racing Commission examined tapes of the 2006 Preakness but said they still cannot tell what caused Barbaro to break his right hind leg. pg 1c


Fur trappers feel endangered

The Northeast Regional Convention of the National Trappers Association features sessions on trapping all kinds of animals, demonstrations on skinning and sales of delicacies such as Bobcat Meat Medley. But, the trappers who endure sometimes feel like an endangered species with an open season on their hides. pg 1e

`Wire' taps into real life issues

No network or cable series explores race, class and the challenge of working within institutions as eloquently as The Wire does and it has never done so more eloquently than in season four, says Sun television critic David 1e


"Do we treat the British any differently because of the Stamp Act? . . . [T]hen let's go back to the Indians and say they butchered Custer."

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, a conservative championing changes to the Voting Rights Act Article, PG 8a

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Pink is alive and well

Pink has long established herself as a no-nonsense music chameleon. Folk, punk, R&B, power ballads - she's proficient in all. The title of her latest album, her first in three years, makes an unnecessary declaration: I'm Not Dead.

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Overstaying His welcome

Owen Wilson is a best man who stays on as a houseguest after the wedding in You, Me And Dupree.

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Sun pop music critic Rashod Ollison reviews a jazz singer Laika Fatien's CD at: rashodaudio

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