Protective order issued against lawyer Morstein


A protective order prohibiting the husband of a Howard Board of Elections member from contact with two board employees until Jan. 11, 2007, was issued in Ellicott City District Court yesterday.

Judge JoAnn Ellinghaus-Jones issued the order after hearing testimony from Kimberly Phillips that attorney William H. Morstein entered her work area during a visit to board offices in June, loudly cursed her for an alleged slight to his son and confronted her "nose to nose," saying, "We can take this outside."

Phillips and board employee Gwendolyn Carol Hart, who also testified, said Morstein made them fear for their safety.

"I'm not a small woman, but I am a woman," Phillips told the judge.

The two female board employees obtained a temporary order last month to keep Morstein away from them. He did not attend yesterday's court hearing.

The string of incidents began June 13, when the Morsteins attended a board meeting together, but William Morstein was asked to wait outside during a closed session. Board Administrator Betty Nordaas raised questions about William Morstein being alone, wandering unobserved in the work areas of the closed office, and relations between the couple and other board members and office staff have worsened since then.

William Morstein has denied threatening anyone.

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