Candidates set in primary

Withdraw deadline nears

commissioner race is crowded at 12


With less than a week to officially withdraw from the Sept. 12 primary, 12 candidates for Carroll County Board of Commissioners have filed in that race.

Three candidates already have dropped out, while two other candidates with established political careers threw their hats into the commissioner race on Monday, the filing deadline for the 2006 election.

At age 81, Donald I. Dell, the former three-term, pro-development commissioner who lost in the 2002 primary, has joined this year's crowded commissioner race with hopes of further implementing his plan to equitably allocate growth in the county, at a rate of about 1,000 homes a year, he said.

Dell is just getting started, he said. There are no fundraising events planned and no campaign Web site. He's also opposed to the code home rule referendum the county commissioners are considering.

"I don't know what all the hullabaloo is all about," Dell said.

Also filing for commissioner on Monday was Dana L. Dembrow, a former Montgomery County delegate and the lone Democrat in the race. Dembrow made the headlines this spring as a plaintiff in the redistricting case that wound up in the state Court of Appeals.

The Republican-controlled county's six General Assembly districts are also short on Democrats. Only three of the six races for Carroll's seven delegation seats have Democratic candidates.

The county's Democratic Central Committee has until July 18 at 5 p.m. to nominate candidates for races in which its party lacks representation, said Patricia K. Matsko, director of the county's board of elections.

But unless you count some of the county's mayors, "politically, Carroll has zero Democrats," said Herbert Smith, chairman of the political science department at McDaniel College.

Carroll County Candidates for the 2006 Election (excludes Board of Education)


Christopher Eric Bouchat -- (Republican) of Woodbine

Donald Dell -- (Republican) of Westminster

Dana Lee Dembrow -- (Democrat) of Sykesville

Julia Walsh Gouge -- (Republican incumbent) of Hampstead

Dave Greenwalt -- (Republican) of Sykesville

Doug Howard -- (Republican) of Sykesville

Perry L. Jones Jr. -- (Republican incumbent) of Union Bridge

Mary Kowalski -- (Republican) of Westminster

Dean L. Minnich -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Wade Emory Miracle -- (Republican) of Manchester

Douglas Eugene Myers -- (Republican) of Manchester

Michael D. Zimmer -- (Republican) of Sykesville

State Senate

District 4

David R. Brinkley -- (Republican incumbent) of New Market

Paul Chamberlain -- (Republican) of Taneytown

District 5

Larry E. Haines -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Michelle Jefferson -- (Republican) of Westminster

District 9

Allan H. Kittleman -- (Republican incumbent) of West Friendship

Rich Corkran (Democrat) of Ellicott City

House of Delegates

District 4B

Donald B. Elliott -- (Republican incumbent) of New Windsor

Bob Lubitz -- (Republican) of Westminster

Timothy Schlauch -- (Democrat) of Westminster

District 5A

William C. Niner -- (Republican) of Hampstead

Tanya Thornton Shewell -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Haven N. Shoemaker, Jr. -- (Republican) of Hampstead

Nancy R. Stocksdale -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

C. Scott Stone -- (Republican) of Hampstead

Kevin R. Utz -- (Republican) of Westminster

David D. Wallace, II -- (Republican) of Finksburg

District 9B

Larry Helminiak -- (Republican) of Sykesville

Susan W. Krebs -- (Republican incumbent) of Eldersburg

Anita Lombardi Riley -- (Democrat) of Eldersburg

State's Attorney

Jerry F. Barnes -- (Republican incumbent) of Hampstead


Kenneth L. Tregoning -- (Republican incumbent) of Union Bridge

Orphans' Court

Dorothy V. Utz -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Herbert J. Reisig -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

John D. Carbaugh -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Richard Thomas Yates -- (Republican) of Sykesville

Circuit Court

J. Barry Hughes -- (incumbent) of Westminster

Thomas F. Stansfield -- (incumbent) of Westminster

Kevin D. Wise -- of Hampstead

Clerk of Court

Sarah E. Hackett -- (Republican) of Westminster

Marlene K. Titus -- (Republican) of Finksburg

Donald Sealing, II -- (Republican) of Sykesville

Pamela L. Masimore-Grimes -- (Republican) of Union Bridge

Diane E. O'Leary -- (Republican) of Westminster

Florence J. Barnes -- (Republican) of Hampstead

Register of Wills

Paul G. Zimmermann -- (Republican incumbent) of Westminster

Dem Committee

District 1

George E. Maloney -- of New Windsor

Ann Darrin -- of Westminster

Robert S. Mitchell -- of Taneytown

District 2

Frank Henry Rammes -- of Finksburg

Katherine L. Stuart -- of Hampstead

Phillip R. Miller -- of Manchester

District 3

Katie Bowersox -- of Westminster

Anita Lombardi Riley -- of Sykesville

District 4

Maxine Carole Wooleyhand -- of Sykesville

Brady Malone -- of Mount Airy

Martin A. Radinsky -- of Sykesville

District 5

Ronald E. Zepp -- of Westminster

Walter Jones -- of Westminster

GOP Committee

Joseph Burns Jr. -- of Westminster

Donald C. Hoffman -- of Sykesville

April R. Rose -- of Westminster

Larry Helminiak -- of Sykesville

Diana S. Jones -- of New Windsor

David Jones -- of New Windsor

Koreen Hughes -- of Sykesville

Betsy Combass -- of New Windsor

James E. Reter -- of Westminster

Roberta J. Windham -- of Sykesville

Michael R. Guerin -- of Mount Airy

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