July 09, 2006

THE ISSUE -- The Carroll County Commissioners have launched a bid to place on the November ballot a code home rule referendum. If approved by voters, the referendum would grant the commissioners more authority to enact local laws and bonds without approval from the General Assembly. A day after the General Assembly failed, for the second time, to approve a bill that would have drawn districts from which to elect five commissioners in the fall election, the commissioners decided to hold countywide information sessions and public hearings on code home rule. The commissioners have until Aug. 21 to decide whether to place the code home rule question on the November ballot. Do you think a referendum on code home rule should be placed on the ballot?

Referendum should be put on ballot

The referendum on Code Home Rule for Carroll County should definitely be on the ballot. In fact, based on the fact that the Carroll County delegation failed to represent the will of the people of Carroll County strongly endorses the need for Charter.

Diane Henkel Hampstead

Charter necessary for self-government

It should definitely be on the ballot. In fact, Carroll County should go to Charter so we can govern ourselves and not rely upon our delegation and the Maryland Legislature.

Charles Henkel Hampstead

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