Redefining dream house


What makes a dream home? A South Beach villa? Stick-style Victorian? The one Barbie had? Images of fantasy mansions may come to mind, but for 25- to 40-year-olds, the amenities that a house offers can make it a dream home.

A recent study conducted by GFK Roper, a global research organization, found that for post-boomer generations, the ideal home is a reflection of values and aspirations.

For Generation X, the group of people born between 1965 and 1977, and their younger counterparts born after 1978 - often called Generation Y or echo boomers - a dream house isn't always extra acreage or a cul-de-sac. To this group - more than 81 million Americans - a dream house is one that provides comfort, security, style and technology.

Each year, about a third of generations X and Y move into larger or better homes, according to 2003 U.S. census data.

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