Take it from me: YouTube.com


July 07, 2006|By RAY FRAGER

Iwill give the tip of the cursor to ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons for a recent piece that sang the praises of YouTube.com.

The Web site is a collection point for video clips, some homemade - warning, adult material - and others collected from television or perhaps some other source. Because it involves no more than a few clicks or typing in search terms, it's low tech enough for me.

Type in "Dr. J ABA" and you get the 1976 American Basketball Association dunk contest, with Julius Erving, George Gervin and David Thompson among the participants. The short shorts, the big Afros, the $1,200 in prize money.

The crowd in Denver oohs and aahs when Artis Gilmore picks up two basketballs. I guess we're all so jaded now.

Try "manager argue" and there is the Orioles' Sam Perlozzo protesting Ramon Hernandez's ejection, though it's from a fan - and apparently a New York Mets fan - in the stands who is mocking Perlozzo.

And how about "baseball umpire"? See the ever-popular clips of umps getting nailed with foul tips to the crotch, but also check out the Asheville Tourists manager having a major meltdown and minor leaguer Delmon Young throwing a bat at an umpire.

You can't necessarily find everything. No response for "Boog Powell" or "John Lowenstein." I was hoping to see one of Powell's beer commercials or see if there was video of Lowenstein hopping off that stretcher.

There are also other things you may not want to relive. A "Ray Lewis Ravens" search yields Terrell Owens scoring against the Ravens and doing his imitation of Lewis' pre-game dance. "NFL big hits" includes some long clips with action old and new, including one of John Unitas blindsided by one of the Chicago Bears.

As you might expect, some terms turn up more clips than you would ever care to see. Such as "NHL fights," with 235. I mean, did you even know there could be a "Top 5 Goalie Fights"?

My advice: Go to YouTube.com and browse away, but better get that yardwork done first. Next thing you know, the sun will have gone down while you were watching that guy break his leg in a soccer game.

Listening in

From what I've heard so far of Anita Marks on her afternoon talk show on WJFK (1300 AM), it seems she may really hit her stride come football season. That sport appears to be her strength.

We certainly could do with fewer South Florida-related references. We also could do with less talking by her board operator.

And if the station wants to sell her show to the audience based on her looks and sexual innuendo, that's one thing. However, she should trust her passion for sports and engaging touch with callers rather than head down Flirt Road too often. I'm no prude and some of the radio femme fatale bit may be funny, but ultimately Marks will be judged on how well she talks sports.

So when a discussion of her taping a television commercial for the show goes to a question of her acting skills and she offers how all women have "faked it" at one time or another, that's fine to give the audience a chuckle - as long as there is no faking when it comes to the sports chat.


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