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July 05, 2006


Annapolis officials have backed away from a consultant's plan to turn a busy junction on Bay Ridge Road into more of an urban center, noting a heated response from county residents who attended two public meetings.

The consulting firm had recommended upgrading the area around Bay Ridge Road, Hillsmere Drive and Georgetown Road by redeveloping an aging plaza, acquiring homes for reuse and extending Georgetown Road. The plan called for turning Bay Ridge Road into a Main Street-style thoroughfare lined with shops, bike lanes, sidewalks and on-street parking. But many Annapolis Neck residents, who live outside the city, worried that the plans would worsen traffic in an already congested area.

City officials plan to take a second look at the issue. Some community leaders favor a bill that would delay development until the city has an adequate public facilities ordinance. The city council is set to vote on the bill July 10.


What kind of development should be allowed in the Bay Ridge Road area? Should the city delay development plans there until an adequate facilities ordinance is adopted?

Tell us what you think at arundel.speakout@baltsun.com by Thursday. Please keep your responses short, and include your name, address and phone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. A selection of responses will be published Sunday.

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