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July 05, 2006

Interstate system a big step backward

I appreciate The Sun's measured tone in assessing the impact of the loathsome Interstate Highway Act ("Traveling down a road of history," June 29).

I only wish to add that many of those who are now middle-aged were not around to see how easy and pleasant commuting used to be - and therefore cannot conceive of a nation without nearly universal car ownership, road rage, gridlock, parking lots or cynical politicians of both parties extolling this sort of regrettable, car-oriented lifestyle.

My father had the foresight to put me on the very last northbound journey of the Parkton local commuter train at age 5.

The old-timers have always told me that this line offered the best commuting they ever experienced.

A quick sampling of cities that never totally discarded their commuter trains (i.e., Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago) shows how vastly superior these sorts of places are in their ability to accommodate 21st-century commuters.

The interstates were a backward step for mankind.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr.


A bunch of lawyers can't redeem PSC

I couldn't help noticing that of the 10 candidates the state Democratic leadership has sent to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. for the Public Service Commission, there was not one person who appeared to have the financial background necessary to make sense of very complicated business concepts ("Ehrlich gets list of PSC candidates," July 1).

Since when did lawyers and judges have what it takes to deal with these financial and energy-related matters?

And it seems important to note that most of the candidates listed are current and former politicians.

This citizen would prefer five accountants instead.

Sam Davis


Governor's record won't support boasts

I'm amazed that Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has used the power of television ads and his bully pulpit to mislead the public about his record ("Governor says he has earned a second term," June 29).

The governor states that he fought against raising income taxes, when in fact there was never enough support in the legislature to enact a tax hike.

However, he failed to mention that he raised fees and property taxes more in three years than his two predecessors combined did in 16 years.

As for his efforts to protect the Chesapeake Bay, the governor deserves credit for pushing the "flush tax."

However, he also considered selling 836 acres of prime land in St. Mary's County to a developer friend after it had been purchased by the taxpayers for preservation.

And he has given polluters a pass time and again by allowing the state regulators to ignore air and water pollution discharges.

The fact is that the governor's record is one to run away from, not to run on.

Chuck Dobry

Perry Hall

Rival rally shows mayor lacks class

Mayor Martin O'Malley once again showed his true colors and his lack of class.

He decided to hold a political rally a few steps from the governor's mansion in Annapolis at the same time Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. formally announced his bid for re-election ("An official entrance and a slight detour," June 29).

This is nothing but more political grandstanding and cheap-shot politics.

Such political tactics just continue to reveal that Democrats in Maryland will stop at nothing in their futile effort to win in November.

The battle for the governor's mansion in Annapolis has just begun, and the Democrats are pursuing it on a classless note

Al Eisner


Palestinians forfeit claim to empathy

The Palestinians elected a Hamas-led government because they are committed to war and to the destruction of Israel ("Israeli forces arrest Palestinian officials," June 29).

The daily barrage of Palestinian rockets fired at Israeli civilians has only increased since Hamas came to power.

The suicide bombers continue to try to blow up Israeli civilians and, fortunately, the Israelis continue to intercept many of them.

What is remarkable in all of this is that even after almost 60 years of Palestinian terrorism, the Israelis continue to use surgical strikes to target Arab terrorists and minimize civilian casualties.

This is the opposite of the behavior of Palestinian terrorists, who seek to murder as many Israeli civilians as possible.

The Palestinians have lost all credibility.

They have repudiated every effort to move toward peace. They have dug their own graves through their recalcitrance and terrorism and the murder of innocent Israelis.

They merit no sympathy or respect. It is time to completely turn our backs on them and completely turn off all U.S. money and support.

The Palestinians must now reap what they have sown.

Gary J. Kaplowitz


Israel's new attacks must be condemned

The despicable collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians in Gaza should surely draw criticism from even its unquestioned supporter, the U.S. government ("Israel poised for Gaza escalation," July 3).

The death toll and the destruction of bridges and power systems and other infrastructure are intolerable.

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