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July 03, 2006

With Lance Armstrong not competing, will you follow the Tour de France this year?

I'll concede that the Tour de Lance is less appealing now that the seven-time champion has retired, but the true reason I watch the race is to see the nut cases wearing Superman outfits and other unconscionable garb racing alongside the riders.

Chris R. Buchar


This side of the Atlantic there is no real interest at all in the Tour, with the exception of a few of those annoying, Spandex-clad pedalers who clog rural roads all weekend, and for whom Lance is God.

Michael S. Herman Sr.


I'm not interested in the race anymore, and it's not just because Armstrong isn't competing. Nine riders, including two of the favorites, have been banned from the race in still another suspected doping scandal. This wholesale cheating in bike racing is a new low for the sports world.

David Boyd

White Hall


Can Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal develop a rivalry that will draw a bigger audience for tennis?

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