Cartoonist drew a bead on the Guard

Yardley's drawings are part of state's military history


The barrel-chested officer and the spry colonel beside him stride forward with grim military purpose, chins thrust forward as if they're leading a division into battle.

As drawn by Richard Yardley, The Sun's late longtime cartoonist, the two commanders, Thomas McNeal and Roger Whiteford, exude the gravitas you would expect of the leaders of Baltimore's 175th Infantry Regiment - a unit that had contributed mightily to the Allied victory in Normandy 11 years before.

Richard Yardley's National Guard cartoons will be on display at the Maryland Museum of Military History at the 5th Regiment Armory, 219 29th Division St., through December. Free (bring photo ID). Hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday. Call 410-576-6076 for appointments or more information.

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