Mandel: Funny, Full Of Energy



July 02, 2006|By SLOANE BROWN

WHEN YOU THINK OF THE SAVE-A-Heart Foundation Inc., which raises money for cardiac equipment, the phrase "good for a laugh" doesn't leap to mind.

But that was exactly the point of the foundation's fundraiser, "Howie Mandel -- A Night of Outrageous Comedy." And judging by the conversation at the post-concert dessert reception (which Mandel did not attend) Save-A-Heart achieved that goal.

On the Lyric Opera House mezzanine, folks noshed on desserts and compared notes on the show. Most were blown away by Mandel's exuberance.

FOR THE RECORD - The social calendar in today's Modern Life section gives the wrong location for the Sail for Sight Regatta Post-Race Party, sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It will be held at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Marine Center, 400 Key Highway.
The Sun regrets the error.

"He came out on stage with such a positive energy force," commented Washington resident Susan Johnson.

"He was loud, and really excited, and really clever," said ship supplier Alan Kotz.

Developer Leonard Attman said he attends the Save-A-Heart benefit every year. "But this is by far the best benefit. It was so full of energy."

"It was a phenomenal program," said optometrist Irwin Azman.

"He kept us laughing the whole time," added wife Donna Azman.

WBAL-TV president and general manager Jordan Wertlieb enjoyed a particular part of the program.

"My favorite line was when [Mandel] said 'You all see me on Deal or No Deal,'" Wertlieb said, alluding to the game show seen on Wertlieb's station.

"And the applause got even louder," noted wife Kathy Wertlieb.




To describe Jonathan Murray, 43, as senior vice president of investments at Smith Barney is only scratching the surface. Murray and his twin brother David, a managing director at the Private Bank in Birmingham, Mich., appear regularly on NBC's Today and CNBC to give financial advice, and have just published their first book, Two for the Money. Jonathan Murray's Closing Bell report airs at 4:05 p.m. weekdays on WBAL Radio. Murray is married, has two sons, ages 9 and 13, and lives in Baltimore County.

Money talk is pretty dry stuff. Do you have an affinity for economics?

I view it as less about numbers than it is about people achieving their goals and their dreams.

With all the radio and TV appearances -- and now your new book -- are you having fun?

I'm loving it. The best thing that I'm doing is working with my brother. We have so much fun together going to New York. I think there's a need out there for [the subject of] money to be made more enjoyable and more interesting. Being twins, we're able to have some fun with it.

The "point-counterpoint" arguments you and David have on the Today show ... is that ... shtick, or part of your real relationship?

No. That's what the media really wanted. They wanted disagreement and fighting. Our real relationship is that we see everything similarly.

Did you have the typical twin relationship growing up?

Yeah. But, even though we dot each other's I's and cross each other's T's, we lead very separate lives. Some twins are inseparable. That's not the case with us.

Life is busy for you these days.

Oh, so busy. But, that's all good. The kids are at such great ages, with lacrosse and school. Thankfully. I haven't missed much of their growing up at all. ... I do have family time. If I had down time, I'd play golf. But, that's what I say no to these days. I can't afford four to five hours of not being with clients or family.

Does that stress you out?

Yeah. And the markets can be stressful. When you're dealing with people's money, it's a very, very serious thing.

How do you decompress?

I run. ... Occasionally, I sing in a rock band. I used to be a regular lead singer in a rock band. I love to sing hard rock -- Guns N' Roses, AC / DC -- with a good band. The most recent one I sang with was "The Band with No Name." They were good musicians.

If you could come back as someone else, would you come back as a big time rocker?

No, 'cause they have no family life. You know, I really like where I am right now. I love it. It's all about balance. I'm so lucky. So lucky to have a job I really enjoy, and a really great family. I can't think of anyone I'd like to trade places with.

Do you have other dreams and goals?

Singing on stage with either AC / DC, U2 or Bruce Springsteen. And I will do that. AC / DC has this song called "Money Talks," and I know they'd love it if I could sing it with them on the Today show.



Midsummer Ball

Benefits Baltimore Shakespeare Festival

Beer, wine, food from local restaurants, live music, dancing

Elizabethan Stage, 3900 Roland Ave.

10:30 p.m., ball begins after performance ends

Tickets $30, performance $15-$25, credit card online only, cash / check at gate Call 410-366-8596 or


Sail for Sight Regatta Post-Race Party

Benefits the Foundation Fighting Blindness

Beer, rum drinks, cookout buffet, DJ, dancing, race awards

Baltimore Marine Center, 2701 Boston St.

4 p.m.

Tickets $30 Call 410-568-0168

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