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June 22, 2006

Should the Orioles be buyers, sellers or neither before the non-waiver trade deadline?

Here's one deal that would please every O's fan. Trade Matos, Chen, Peter Angelos and the ornithologically correct bird for Mark Cuban. We get an owner who's committed to winning while dumping our dead weight.

Mitchell Golden


The Orioles remind me of my wife. She never sells or discards anything. All her prized possessions sort of head in the direction of the basement. When she needs to buy a new pair of black slacks, she leaves for the mall, comes back four hours later and says she couldn't find any.

Tom Morton


To me, if there ever was a team that didn't have any untradable players, it's the Baltimore Orioles! We can take Tampa for last place, I know we can!

Jim Yealy



Do you believe David Segui's explanation for his use of human growth hormone?

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