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June 22, 2006


8 U.S. troops charged in death

Seven Marines and a Navy medical corpsman were charged with premeditated murder, kidnapping, conspiracy and other offenses in connection with the April 26 death of an Iraqi civilian in Hamandiya and an alleged coverup. pg 1a

Bush responds to criticism

President Bush responded angrily to differences with Europe over the Iraq war and the U.S. treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, but won expressions of unity from the European Union on nuclear nonproliferation. pg 14a


Anglicans yield on gay bishops

Yielding to pressure from international Anglican leaders, the Episcopal Church agreed to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of openly gay bishops. pg 3a

Bush pressed on documents

In an unexpected move, a Republican-controlled House panel approved a resolution aimed at prodding the Bush administration to deliver documents related to the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program. pg 5a


Ehrlich signals veto of BGE bill

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s decision on whether to veto the General Assemblys BGE rate-deferral plan isn't due until midnight tonight, but he has given strong signals that he will reject the legislation and attempt to push a bill of his own. pg 1a

Utech searches carried out

State investigators searched the office of Utech - the minority firm tied to Baltimore City Council President Sheila Dixon - and the company president's Randallstown home as part of their probe into the firm and its City Hall contracts. pg 1a


Terps pull Alaeze scholarship

The University of Maryland is withdrawing a scholarship offer to one of its top football recruits. Melvin Alaeze, a former Randallstown High School star who was expected to play on the defensive line, was released from his scholarship due to a violation of the terms of his financial aid agreement. pg 1c

Orioles questioned in probe

On a day when Orioles officials were questioned in baseball's steroids probe, former Orioles vice president Jim Beattie provided more details about David Segui's use of human growth hormone. pg 1c








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Uncertain future for `Sanctuary'

Berthed in an unused swath at the state's public port in South Baltimore, the USS Sanctuary was envisioned 13 years ago as a haven to rehabilitate recovering addicts. But the plan never came to fruition and the Sanctuary has become a ghost ship. Its lease at the port expired yesterday and its owner lacks the money, sponsor or waterfront allies to forge ahead. pg 1d

West-side project advances

Developers of the long-delayed St. James Place, a $7.5 million housing and retail redevelopment on Baltimore's west side, will move forward with the project under agreements approved yesterday by the city's Board of Estimates. pg 1d


`Kal' branches out in new show

Former Sun cartoonist Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher ventures into the world of multi-media in a new show at the Walters Art Museum. pg 1e.


"This is our town square. It's our green space."

Miriam Avins, Waverly activist discussing community garden, which is threatened by development Article, PG 1b

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