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June 20, 2006

Does Phil Mickelson's collapse at the U.S. Open mean he's reverted to his old ways?

No. He's still a great player. Look at all the fantastic scrambling he did all day. He just had an erratic driver. It happens.

John Craten


My guess is that Phil walked to the 18th tee thinking about the Mickelslam and winning the British Open. If I'm right, he then lost his focus and didn't think clearly.

Jeff Mariner


Seventy-one holes of patience and discipline shouldn't be erased by a one-hole meltdown, but, unfortunately for Phil, the only person on the planet who thought he could, or should try to hook a miracle, high, 3-iron onto the green at the 72nd hole was Phil Mickelson.

Michael S. Herman Sr.



Will the Mavericks be able to recover from losing three straight to the Heat?

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