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June 12, 2006

Do you plan to sneak out of work to watch today's U.S. game in the World Cup?

I told my boss he can expect at least a two-hour lunch on any day the United States plays. No chance I am missing DaMarcus Beating on foreign powerhouses and Claudio Reyn-ing in goal after goal. Go Yanks!

Ryan Michael Valeri


I could watch it at work if it was on ABC, but I guess they don't want to put national sports on that people can actually stay up to see the end of the game. (For example, the NBA Finals.)

Mark Kremer


No. That's why we have TiVo. Since 98 percent of the action is not action, I can zip directly to the scoring and watch the two-hour game in about 10 minutes.

Gene Heyler



Did Michelle Wie's LPGA performance live up to her publicity?

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