Gearing Up For Summer


Come summertime, many travelers make a beeline for the beach. Grab towels, swimwear and sunscreen and you are pretty much ready to go. Not so fast. The living could be easier this summer with new gear for everything from entertainment to safety and comfort. With just 10 days until the official start of summer (and only two days until the kids are set free), we give you 10 summer travel gadgets to take along on your next trip to the shore.


Laid back - and front

The Ergo Lounger is a reclining beach chaise that uses some of the most comfortable features of a high-end massage table. A cushioned face-hole in the top of the chaise lets you lie on your stomach without smashing your nose or hyper-extending your neck or spine - plus you can read a book through the hole. Lie on your back, and the face hole provides room for a ponytail or hat brim while the padding cradles your head. The backrest has six settings, from prone to nearly 90 degrees. The aluminum frame resists rust, weighs just 12 pounds and folds into a compact size, making it easy to carry. All that's missing is the masseuse. Ergo Lounger is $199 at; 888-820-6606. (Note: Product is sold out until June 20.)


You big lug

The Wonder Wheeler Plus folding beach cart reduces the schlep factor when the family heads to the beach or other outdoor spot. The large, 10-inch rubber wheels at the back of the cart won't get bogged down in sand. Two smaller double wheels at the front roll easily on solid ground and add stability when the cart is at rest. The cart can hold a 48-quart cooler and the front railing provides a roost for up to four folding chairs. A large mesh pocket can accommodate loads of towels and toys, while a back pocket can hold lotions, books and other supplies. With the snap-on wheels removed, the cart folds easily for storage. A deluxe version holds more, but is also a little bulkier. Wonder Wheeler Plus Beach Cart is $54.95 at; 866-351-0240.


Dry goods

It's a challenge to keep belongings high and dry at the beach. An easy solution is Seal Line's See Pouch, a waterproof vinyl bag with a watertight roll-down/clip closure. The front is clear vinyl so contents are easy to spot. My advice is to wear the pouch with the clear side facing your body so you can see what's inside when you want to, but passersby can't - no need to tempt thieves if you are stashing money, a passport or other valuables. The See Pouch has an adjustable neck cord and a built-in fabric belt loop. It comes in two sizes (small and large) and two colors (blue or orange). Prices start at $9.95, from Cascade Designs; 800-531-9531;


Breezy does it

The Coleman Corp. designed its new tent fan to go in a - well, duh - tent. But guess what? It also works great mounted to a beach umbrella. Here's why: the battery powered fan secures to a tent via a strong, built-in magnet without damaging the tent's fabric (the metal mounting plate is on one side of the tent "wall," the magnet-backed fan on the other). But the fan mounts just as effectively to a beach umbrella, providing a welcome breeze. The fan blades are flexible plastic, so you won't get decapitated if you stand up - and into - the device. The fan runs on one D-cell battery (not included). Watch your fingers, so they don't get pinched when the magnet gloms onto the metal base. Coleman Tent Fan is $13.99. 800-835-3278;


Free to play

No need to suffer separation anxiety from your FreeCell game (the addictive and more challenging version of solitaire) just because your computer's at home. A new hand-held version of the game lets you play anywhere. The unit operates on two AA batteries (not included) and automatically illuminates the screen in low-light conditions. Press the New Game button to start the action (or re-deal if you don't like how your game is going). Other buttons add sound or move around the cards. Let the time-killing begin. Handheld FreeCell is $24.95 from Discovery Store; 800-938-0333;


Calling all shades

Are those your sunglasses ringing? Could be, if you are wearing Zeal Optics' new Confidant eye wear. The frame of the glasses holds a small removable Bluetooth unit that can synchronize wirelessly with a Bluetooth cell phone up to 30 feet away. Use the buttons on one arm of the glasses to answer and end calls, as well as control volume. Snap in the tiny earphone/microphone and, presto, you're Maxwell Smart. The polycarbonate lenses adjust to the light, changing from clear to dark gray, depending on the sun's intensity. Other lens options are available, including prescription or polarized lenses. Confidant Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses are $250 from Zeal Optics; 888-454-9325;


Rock 'n' roll ice cream

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