Lpga Championship

June 10, 2006


PAR 72 (36-36)

Note -- Play suspended by darkness. The round will resume today.

Leader board

Score Through

1. Pat Hurst -8 10

2. Dorothy Delasin -6 F

2. Christina Kim -6 9

4. Mi Hyun Kim -5 F

4. Shi Hyun Ahn -5 F

4. Nicole Castrale -5 F

m 4. Michelle Wie -5 F

8. Wendy Doolan -4 F

8. Cristie Kerr -4 F

8. Sung Ah Yim -4 F

8. Ai Miyazato -4 9

8. Se Ri Pak -4 F

8. Lorena Ochoa -4 9

8. Yuri Fudoh -4 5

8. Karrie Webb -4 F

8. Liselotte Neumann -4 10

8. Maria Hjorth -4 7


Dorothy Delasin 67-71-138


Michelle Wie 71-68-139 Shi Hyun Ahn 69-70-139 Mi Hyun Kim 68-71-139 Nicole Castrale 64-75-139


Sung Ah Yim 72-68-140 Se Ri Pak 71-69-140 Karrie Webb 70-70-140 Wendy Doolan 68-72-140 Cristie Kerr 66-74-140


Jee Young Lee 70-71-141 Sherri Steinhauer 70-71-141 Nicole Perrot 70-71-141 Sarah Lee 68-73-141 Reilley Rankin 68-73-141 Hee-Won Han 68-73-141 Seon Hwa Lee 67-74-141


Brittany Lincicome 72-70-142 Beth Daniel 71-71-142 Minea Blomqvist 71-71-142

1 under

Allison Hanna 74-69-143 Meena Lee 71-72-143 Michelle Ellis 71-72-143 Siew-Ai Lim 71-72-143 Il Mi Chung 71-72-143 Nina Reis 70-73-143 Wendy Ward 69-74-143


Teresa Lu 75-69-144 Marisa Baena 72-72-144 Sophie Gustafson 72-72-144 Young Jo 72-72-144 Julieta Granada 71-73-144 Kim Saiki 71-73-144 Kristi Albers 71-73-144 Juli Inkster 70-74-144 Jackie Gallagher-Smith 70-74-144 Mikaela Parmlid 69-75-144


Ashli Bunch 74-71-145 Lindsey Wright 72-73-145 Natalie Gulbis 72-73-145 Birdie Kim 70-75-145


Jill McGill 75-71-146 Becky Iverson 74-72-146 Yu Ping Lin 74-72-146 Nancy Scranton 73-73-146 Heather Young 71-75-146 Angela Stanford 70-76-146 Miriam Nagl 70-76-146


Lee Ann Walker-Cooper 74-73-147 Patricia Meunier-Lebouc 73-74-147 Karine Icher 73-74-147 Marcy Hart 71-76-147


Karen Davies 73-75-148 Tracy Hanson 73-75-148 Hilary Lunke 72-76-148


Grace Park 76-73-149 Kris Tschetter 75-74-149 Helen Alfredsson 72-77-149 Catherine Cartwright 72-77-149


Candy Hannemann 75-75-150


Mhairi McKay 77-74-151 Brooke Tull 73-78-151


Alicia Dibos 76-76-152 Audra Burks 76-76-152 Katherine Hull 75-77-152 Dana Dormann 73-79-152


Tina Fischer 75-78-153


Beth Bauer 81-73-154 Soo Young Moon 75-79-154 Kate Golden 72-82-154


Christa Johnson 78-77-155


Angie Rizzo 79-81-160

Did not finish

Pat Hurst 66-DNF Christina Kim 67-DNF Candie Kung 68-DNF Maria Hjorth 68-DNF Lorena Ochoa 68-DNF Ai Miyazato 68-DNF Silvia Cavalleri 69-DNF Yuri Fudoh 69-DNF Giulia Sergas 69-DNF Young Kim 69-DNF Liselotte Neumann 69-DNF Jamie Hullett 70-DNF Suzann Pettersen 70-DNF Lorie Kane 70-DNF Gloria Hee Jung Park 70-DNF Rachel Hetherington 70-DNF Karen Stupples 70-DNF Stacy Prammanasudh 71-DNF Moira Dunn 71-DNF Rosie Jones 71-DNF Laura Diaz 71-DNF Kyeong Bae 71-DNF Paula Creamer 71-DNF Annika Sorenstam 71-DNF Ji Yeon Lee 72-DNF Shinobu Moromizato 72-DNF Jamie Fischer 72-DNF Laura Davies 72-DNF Carin Koch 72-DNF Catriona Matthew 72-DNF Kris Tamulis 73-DNF Stephanie Louden 73-DNF Vicki Goetze-Ackerman 73-DNF Jessica Reese-Quayle 73-DNF Michelle Estill 73-DNF Alena Sharp 73-DNF Michele Redman 73-DNF Jeong Jang 73-DNF Morgan Pressel 73-DNF Aree Song 73-DNF Joanne Morley 74-DNF Beth Bader 74-DNF Karin Sjodin 74-DNF Young-A Yang 74-DNF Laurie Rinker 74-DNF Soo-Yun Kang 74-DNF Dawn Coe-Jones 74-DNF Diana D'Alessio 75-DNF Sherri Turner 75-DNF Meredith Duncan 75-DNF Patricia Baxter-Johnson 75-DNF Louise Stahle 75-DNF Virada Nirapathpongporn 75-DNF Michelle McGann 75-DNF Amy Hung 76-DNF Cindy Rarick 76-DNF Johanna Head 76-DNF Brandie Burton 76-DNF Joo Mi Kim 76-DNF Kelly Robbins 76-DNF Nadina Light 77-DNF Sun Young Yoo 77-DNF Emily Bastel 78-DNF Jan Stephenson 78-DNF Katie Futcher 78-DNF Tina Barrett 78-DNF Sherry Smith 79-DNF Tiffany Faucette 80-DNF Jean Bartholomew 80-DNF Libby Smith 80-DNF


Jimin Kang 69-WD Danielle Ammaccapane 75-WD Becky Morgan 75-WD Kim Williams 77-WD Jennifer Rosales 77-WD Amy Alcott 78-WD Diana Ramage 79-WD Eva Dahllof 79-WD

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