Gore's `Truth' calmly lays out a grim scenario


An Inconvenient Truth is more than a documentary record of Al Gore's dynamic traveling slide show about global warming. It's a spiritual autobiography and a call to conscience that rests on Gore's credibility both as a student of ecology and an individual engaged in the key conflicts of his time. Its knockout success is a testament to Gore's eloquence and humanity and to the dexterity of his director, Davis Guggenheim.

Gore's lecture, the core of the movie, demonstrates just how to popularize science. His spot-on visual and literary analogies and audio-visual aids bring a long view of our destiny into telescopic clarity. He calmly lays out how post-industrial human practices have been heating the atmosphere and altering climate at phenomenal rates. His tone is apt: He's elastically urgent. He doesn't need to overdo the gloom and doom - the before-and-after images he unveils of thriving and eroding shorelines and icecaps are sufficiently alarming.

An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount Classics) Starring Al Gore. Directed by Davis Guggenheim. Rated PG. Time 100 minutes.

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