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June 04, 2006


Iraq car bomb kills 27

A suicide car bomber detonated his payload in a market in Basra yesterday, killing at least 27 people and wounding 67, police said. The bombing was seen as a direct challenge to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who visited Basra three days earlier and imposed a state of emergency. pg 16a


Hearings planned on gas plant

A proposed liquefied natural gas processing plant on Sparrows Point will be the subject of federal hearings this week, at which residents plan to air their fears about safety issues that, after more than a dozen studies, are still in dispute. pg 1a

Voters prefer drug treatment

A poll released today suggests that a majority of Maryland voters believe that treatment is a viable alternative to prison for substance abusers and that the state's alcohol tax should be increased to pay for expanded programs. pg 1b


Cancer drug shows promise

An experimental drug promises to help women with a certain type of breast cancer that worsens despite taking the drug Herceptin, doctors said yesterday. Results of a clinical trial showed that Tykerb nearly doubled the time cancer was held in check in women who had stopped taking Herceptin. pg 3a

Suspect surrenders in Indiana

A man suspected of killing seven family members Thursday in their Indianapolis home surrendered to police yesterday, an Indianapolis homicide detective said. On Friday, police arrested another suspect after a traffic stop. pg 3a


Southwest's gamble pays off

Now a year old, the terminal built for Southwest Airlines at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport appears to be running well - a model of planning and a little luck, in a turbulent industry where choosing the right airline partner makes a world of difference. pg 1d


Yanks trump O's in 10th

Johnny Damon homered off Chris Ray leading off the 10th inning, and the Yankees held on to defeat the Orioles, 6-5. Orioles pitcher Adam Loewen, making his first major league start, gave up three earned runs, six hits and four walks in five innings. pg 1e


Tourists chasing turbulence

Few places offer up violent storms as regularly as Tornado Alley, across the nation's midsection. Tempest Tours tracks tornadoes along this 1,500-mile corridor, where warm air over the Plains collides with cool air off the Rocky Mountains. pg 1r


"These studies don't tell me I'm safe. They tell me: Be afraid."

Dunbar Brooks, community leader in Turners Station, on plans for a liquefied natural gas plant Article, PG 1A

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Buying in bulk

If you don't have enough of what you don't want, there's a Sam's Club or Costco ready to sell it by the tractor-trailer load, Kevin Cowherd found.



Single women

Newsweek apologizes for its speculation 20 years ago on women's dwindling odds for marriage. About 90 percent of boomers have married or will marry, according to new reporting in the magazine.





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