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June 01, 2006


Marine's death ignited rage

Haditha residents, survivors and witnesses said the death of a young U.S. Marine drove some Marines into a rage in the Iraqi city. An inquiry is under way in the killing of 24 civilians in November. pg 1a

White House to join Iran talks

The Bush administration, in an abrupt policy shift, announced that it would join direct talks with Iran, but placed strict conditions on its offer in a move to force to a climax international efforts aimed at limiting Tehran's nuclear ambitions. pg 1a


Smaller cities focus of grants

Despite pledges to direct a larger portion of anti-terrorism money to high-risk cities, Homeland Security officials announced that grants for New York and Washington would be cut by 40 percent while funding for smaller cities such as Omaha, Neb., and Louisville, Ky., would surge. pg 3a

Clinton rerun is more subdued

Six years ago, when she was still trying to prove herself as a viable political figure, Hillary Rodham Clinton ran a $41 million campaign that included a catchy listening tour and flooded the airwaves in a race that dominated the New York political scene for more than a year. This time, many of the political trappings have fallen away. pg 4a


City schools chief's aide fired

The chief operating officer of the Baltimore school system was fired yesterday as school officials continued to investigate accusations of misconduct, including an abortive plan to use system funds for a fishing junket. pg 1a

Arundel may get 3rd cable firm

Anne Arundel County officials are to announce today a tentative agreement making Verizon Communications the third company offering cable television in the county, joining the battle for county customers with Comcast Corp. and Millennium Digital Media. pg 1b

Bush pays visit to area

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. welcomed President Bush to a Baltimore-area fundraiser yesterday that Republican officials say brought in $1 million for the Maryland Republican Party. pg 1b



+ 73.88



+ 14.14


S&P -- UP

+ 10.25



+ 2.68


Mittal Steel showcases plant

Mittal Steel Co. NV has begun showcasing its Sparrows Point steel mill to potential buyers, believing that it might have to sell the plant for antitrust reasons if it wins a hostile takeover fight for its biggest global rival, Arcelor SA. pg 1d

Retail figures due release today

Some economists have started to wonder if cooling in the housing market and rising interest rates have started to take a toll on consumer spending. Today, several national retailers are scheduled to release sales results for last month. pg 1d


McNair wins case against Titans

The NFL Players Association and Steve McNair won their grievance against the Tennessee Titans yesterday, a victory that could speed up the quarterback's move to the Ravens. pg 1e

Orioles beat Devil Rays in 11

Melvin Mora singled in the winning run with two outs in the 11th inning, and the Orioles overcame three Tampa Bay home runs and a four-run deficit to beat the visiting Devil Rays, 6-5. pg 1e


A farewell to Katie Couric

Fans and Today show colleagues say goodbye to Katie Couric in a somewhat over-the-top farewell production. pg 1c

Pearl Jam plays in D.C.

Pearl Jam plays its greatest hits and new releases before an enthusiastic crowd at Verizon Center in Washington. pg 1c


"Iran now faces a clear choice. This is the last excuse."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on the U.S. announcement that it would enter direct talks with Iran on the nuclear issue Article, PG 1a

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