The Venue

The skinny on local clubs

June 01, 2006|By SAM SESSA


With a bull skull on one wall and an "It's all good in the hood" sticker on the wine cabinet, Mum's is quite possibly Federal Hill's most charming bar.

Where --1132 S. Hanover St.

Call --410-547-7415

Notable --You never know what might happen (in a good way). Recently, one of the bartenders handed out sheets of paper and asked the crowd to draw pictures of Sinclair, a large cat who loves to lounge around. You can see the finished products on the wall opposite the bar. Carlsberg, a delicious European brew, is the only beer on tap.

Vibe --Attentive, friendly bartenders and warm, loyal regulars. Mum's late-night atmosphere is the polar opposite of Mad River or Mother's.

What to wear --Anything above a polo shirt is too snazzy, though if you beeline there after work, no one will give you a hard time for dress pants.

Crowd --Friendly post-college heads and Federal Hill locals.

Music --One of the city's best jukeboxes and live rockish bands on the weekends. Coming acts include the Beltways and Thrillsville.

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