He'll fix a car window at your home



Matt Mycka

Mobile technician

Safelite AutoGlass/White Marsh

Salary --$37,000 base with an added commission of about $17,000

Age --32

Years on the job --13

How he got started --Mycka began working for Safelite out of high school. He started sweeping floors, moved up to delivering parts for the company and within a few months became a technician.

Typical day --As a mobile technician covering the White Marsh area, Mycka is dispatched to replace car and truck windshields and windows, usually at the home or business of the customer. He said he can replace about eight or nine windshields in a day, but has replaced as many as 11 during busy periods. If the glass has a small hole or nick, it can usually be repaired instead of replaced and another technician would be called out for that job. "Every day is a different day," said Mycka. "The people I see, the vehicles I come across; working mobile is a different environment than the shop." He works eight-hour days Monday through Friday and four hours every other Saturday.

Insurance --A windshield replacement can cost between $250 and $500, depending on the make and model. A repair starts at about $60. Mycka says about 90 percent of customers use insurance to pay for the replacement.

Perks --He drives a company van, including to and from work, and is supplied with a gas card.

How it happened --Mycka says he has numerous tales of how windows were broken. One of the more memorable was a man who cheated on his wife and had his driver-side window replaced after she shot at him.

The process --The existing adhesive is removed and the window is then lifted out. The remaining glue is cut away. The new window and adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame. "You can't just go in and start ripping out a windshield because you might do damage to yourself or your customer's car. You have to make an assessment on what tools to use and how you cut out the windshield."

The good --The people he works with. "I love coming to work. I consider it my second family."

The bad --Cold weather.

Philosophy --"To do every job as well as I possibly can. I look at it as it could be one of my family members driving that car."

Nancy Jones-Bonbrest Special to The Sun

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