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May 28, 2006|By RAY FRAGER

WOW — Let me pass along something from DJ Gallo (the guy) in his column:

Wow - I feel really bad for Dodgers fans. They have to listen to this play-by-play guy - Vin something or other - who is soooo old-fashioned. He doesn't have a bunch of catchphrases he forces into his calls, nor does he try to make himself out to be more important than the action on the field. He just calls the game as he sees it, with no bells or whistles at all. It was really quite annoying, as you no doubt can imagine. Thank God there aren't a lot of announcers like this Vin guy anymore. Quite frankly, I prefer my sports television the modern way: fame-hungry windbags screaming non sequitur catchphrases in the hope of getting more camera time. That's the way it's supposed to be.

And keep in mind this was at ESPN's Web site. Fame-hungry windbags. You don't suppose we've heard one or two of them on the all-sports network, do you?

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