May 28, 2006

Jimeno was part of a great team

I am sorry I missed state Sen. Philip C. Jimeno's announcement of his retirement on May 2 at the Roland Terrace Democratic Club, but I was in the hospital.

The first time Jimeno ran for election, after his appointment to that position, I was asked if I was going to run for the Senate seat. I said that no, I was not because I could not beat him; he was doing a great job.

I ran for the House of Delegates along with Del. Stokes Kolodziejski. We worked well as a team. During the next four-year term Del. Joan Cadden joined the team and with us working together with Jimeno, all of the county priorities were approved. We brought a lot to our district.

Cadden is now a committee chairman on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. She is hardworking, and if she decided to run for the Senate, we would have another hardworking senator.

W. Ray Huff


A hero behind athletic fields

Thank you for the May 19 article about the creation of the new athletic field in Eastport on the property of the Annapolis Housing Authority. It is very gratifying to have the press celebrate a success and feature our residents in a positive fashion.

Your article correctly noted some of the partners who made it possible. We are most grateful to them and hope their generosity may inspire others to think about how they might improve the lives of public housing residents.

However, you left out the real hero, Richard Callahan. Dick is a devoted member of the Board of Commissioners of the housing authority and a former director of the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department. Dick is passionate about the role of recreation in the lives of young people and has pushed relentlessly to ensure that the authority's recreational facilities are up to par and offering quality programs. Dick had the vision for the field and worked for at least three years to make it possible.

In recognition of Dick's contribution, the Commissioners will be calling the facility Callahan Field, and we will dedicate it later this summer.

I also need to thank Mayor Ellen O. Moyer, who sent us city employees to clear and grade the land. It is a tribute to the caring of many that we have this wonderful new facility.

Trudy McFall Annapolis

The writer is chairman of the Annapolis Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

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