The unplanned photo gets its day in the sun



An annual photo opportunity presented itself Tuesday as about 3,000 area third-, fourth- and fifth-graders gathered to form a living American flag on the grounds of Fort McHenry. We published a nice photo of Church Creek Elementary School third-grader Sabrina Lewis on Wednesday.

But as photographers, we're always looking for something else - something different from the obvious shot. Not far from the assembled kids, the Fort McHenry Guard, mostly volunteers, had gathered in period dress to fire a cannon. A huge flag waved in the wind, shimmering in the sun's backlighting. While waiting for the cannon fire, I noticed Rick Scheidegger Jr. of Lansdowne standing at attention and making an impressive silhouette against the flag.

After taking a few shots of the cannon fire, I made my way over to Scheidegger and took about 40 images, working on composition with each frame. The result made a colorful, graphic image that I would have loved to have seen published Wednesday. Using this picture wouldn't have told the day's story as well as the image we chose to run. But sometimes we get a second chance, like this, to show our work to readers.

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