Mice, flies close Giant in Rotunda



City health inspectors closed the Giant Food store in the Rotunda shopping center in North Baltimore yesterday for pest infestations, said Olivia D. Farrow, the Health Department's assistant commissioner for environmental health.

"The main reason for the closure was due to a mouse infestation throughout the whole store, and they also had a fly infestation in the bakery area," she said.

Farrow said health inspectors went to the supermarket, located in the 700 block of W. 40th St., yesterday in response to two separate complaints filed through the city's 311 center.

Farrow and Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Baltimore's health commissioner, said inspectors found mouse droppings on shelves, aisles and in refrigeration units. Sharfstein added that inspectors discovered a handful of dead mice in the store.

"This is the kind of thing that can be resolved quickly with a thorough cleaning," Sharfstein said.

Giant spokesman Barry F. Scher said, "We are working with the Health Department and with an outside pest control company, and hope to reopen the store, possibly" today.

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