Top Fives

May 25, 2006

Downloaded singles

1.Promiscuous (radio edit), Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland

2.SOS (edited), Rihanna

3.Bad Day, Daniel Powter

4.Me & U (Main), Cassie

5.Over My Head (Cable Car), The Fray

[Courtesy iTunes]

Downloaded albums

1.Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (original staging), Stephen Colbert

2.Stadium Arcadium, Red Hot Chili Peppers

3.Broken Boy Soldiers, The Raconteurs

4.St. Elsewhere, Gnarls Barkley

5.Soundtrack to Your Life, Ashley Parker Angel

[Courtesy iTunes]

Downloaded videos

1.Three Minutes, Lost

2.Casino Night -- Season Finale, The Office

3.?, Lost

4.4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M., 24

5.No One Is Alone, Desperate Housewives

[Courtesy iTunes]

New Video Game Sales at

1.New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo DS

2.Call of Duty 2, Mac OS

3.Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventure, Windows XP

4.Titanic Hunt for the Lost Treasure, Windows XP

5.The Da Vinci Code, Xbox

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