Gibbons' mom dies suddenly


Outfielder leaves O's lineup

hospital discharges dejected Penn


SEATTLE -- The Orioles played last night's game without Jay Gibbons, whose mother passed away suddenly yesterday morning.

"Prayers are going out [to] Jay, and that seems to be the biggest concern now." manager Sam Perlozzo said. "I think he's in the process of making arrangements for his mom. It will become clearer tomorrow what exactly his plans are and when the funeral's going to take place."

Perlozzo said that he got a call from Gibbons' wife yesterday morning, informing him of the tragic news. Gibbons had initially called Perlozzo and told him that he'd be late, but then the two talked later, and Gibbons decided that he wasn't going to come to Safeco Field.

Gibbons, 29, told Perlozzo that he'd try to make it to the park for today's game.

"I basically told him to do whatever he has to do and don't worry about anything else." Perlozzo said. "I think this was [unexpected]. I think she was a very young lady."

Gibbons' family is from California, where the Orioles are headed after tomorrow's series finale. Perlozzo said it is too early to know if the club will place Gibbons on the bereavement list.

Penn gets out of hospital

Hayden Penn was released from the hospital yesterday morning after having an emergency appendectomy Monday night. Perlozzo arrived at the hospital to visit the 21-year-old pitcher and then drove him back to the team hotel.

"We walked out of the hospital together. I bought his painkiller [medicine] for him because he didn't have his wallet." Perlozzo said. "I said I'd split the [painkillers] with him."

Perlozzo said that Penn, who was expected to make his first Orioles start this season last night before being taken to the hospital on Monday, was very down.

"He was pretty frustrated." said Perlozzo, "I really believe the kid felt like he was ready." I think he is just really upset he's missed his opportunity. I reassured him, not to worry, you'll get one here before this year is out. He's anxious to get going and to get back'".

Orioles head trainer Richie Bancells said that Penn had less invasive type of appendectomy. Penn will rest at his hotel and the fly to California with his teammates tomorrow. Penn's family is from California.

"He'll recuperate (in California) for seven to 10 days and then he'll come to Baltimore to see our doctors, and then he'll go to (the Orioles' minor league facility in Sarasota. It's probably a three-to four-week process."

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