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The Kickoff

May 24, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Why wouldn't Hayden Penn have appendicitis? Why wouldn't he undergo emergency surgery in Seattle and miss what would have been his first start this year? It's the new Oriole Way.

Nothing goes right anymore. And once again, it's not the team's fault. They call up a top pitching prospect, offer him a chance to stay in the rotation all season, and he arrives at Safeco Field with pains in his stomach.

Adam Loewen is not ready yet, but again, what choice do they have? There are some quality arms in the system, but they're still developing. At least the Orioles had Erik Bedard on the mound Monday night. He was coming off a superb outing against Boston - two hits in seven innings.

So, of course, he allows eight runs in five innings. He walks four. He throws 103 pitches. He loses.

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