Robey near to naming police chief


Howard County Executive James N. Robey said yesterday that he will name an acting police chief next week to replace Wayne Livesay, who is retiring May 31 to run for the County Council.

Livesay, 54, the county's longest-serving chief, has been with the department for almost 34 years. He said yesterday that he has discussed the selection with Robey.

"I hope that a county executive never goes to the outside" to find a new chief, Livesay said. "You want someone who knows the county and knows the department. It's a tribute to the agency."

The county's two deputy chiefs, Maj. William J. McMahon and Maj. Gary Gardner, are the leading candidates for the post. Livesay said yesterday that he has been a mentor to both, ensuring that they held a variety of leadership positions in the department.

Robey said yesterday that it would be difficult to find an outsider who would accept the job, given that the position would be guaranteed only until the term ends in December. Robey, who is running for the state Senate, said he will speak with both majors and with Livesay one more time before announcing his choice.

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