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May 21, 2006


Loss of trees crippling Rwanda

In the chaos after the Rwandan genocide, returning refugees turned to the land in the Gishwati Forest to grow crops. Now, Rwanda is almost devoid of trees. That loss of forestland is bringing ruin to the country's farmers and to Rwanda's economy. pg 1a

Iraqi officials sworn in

Most members of Iraq's long-awaited new government were sworn in yesterday, marking the formal end of the process of Iraq's transition to democratic rule. But several key ministries were left vacant, and at least 50 people were reported killed in outbreaks of violence. pg 16a


Traffic scofflaws get a pass

Federal judges in Maryland are throwing out routine traffic violations at military bases, hospitals and research centers across the state, giving a free pass to scofflaw motorists and putting at risk some of the millions of dollars in ticket revenue. pg 1a

Ehrlich eased PSC rules in '90s

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has pushed to lower barriers between the state Public Service Commission and the utilities it regulates since his days as a state delegate in the early 1990s, leaving critics to accuse him of having too close a relationship with the regulatory body. pg 1b


Ky. mine explosion kills 5

An explosion in an eastern Kentucky coal mine killed five miners yesterday, Gov. Ernie Fletcher said. A sixth miner was able to walk away from the blast and out of the mine. pg 3a

New Orleans votes for mayor

Voters in New Orleans were deciding yesterday whether incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin or challenger Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu should oversee the city's recovery from Hurricane Katrina - one of the largest reconstruction projects in U.S. history. pg 3a


Immigrant banks disappear

In Baltimore and elsewhere, ethnic banks founded a century ago are disappearing under the weight of suburbanization, industry regulation and proliferating financial products. Many are swallowed by regional or national banks looking to expand their base without the expense of building a branch and a customer base. pg 1c

FAA vs. controllers, again

A contract dispute between the Federal Aviation Administration and air traffic controllers rekindles similar arguments from 25 years ago, when President Reagan fired most controllers in a pivotal showdown. pg 1c


Joel steps out on her own

Alexa Ray Joel, singer-songwriter Billy Joel's 20-year-old daughter, is following in her father's footsteps with a career in music. Tonight, she will bring her eclectic combination of pop, rock and soul to Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore. pg 1e


Injured Barbaro breaks down

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro broke down in the first furlong of the Preakness and suffered life-threatening injuries. Barbaro had fractures above and below his right hind ankle and was taken from Pimlico Race Course to a hospital in Pennsylvania for surgery. Bernardini won the race. pg 1m


Sampling India's vibrant palette

India, known for fine textiles and vivid colors, has a growing influence in home dM-icor and fashion. As its economic might expands, trend-spotters predict India's aesthetic will grow in global influence. pg 1n

Quote Of the day

"This is my city. This is home to me. ... I want to make sure the correct person takes care of home."

Alice Howard, a Katrina evacuee who returned to vote in New Orleans' mayoral election Article, PG 3A

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