Letters to the editor


May 21, 2006

Make Howard smoke-free

It is now time for the Howard County Council to step forward to support the residents and workers of Howard County by supporting CB38 to make us a smoke-free county. All the science is in, the truth about the fiscal impact is there, and 80% or more of Howard County citizens support this act.

We need to be part of this health movement along with the many nations, 13 or more states and thousands of local jurisdictions that have taken this healthy action. No ventilation systems work unless you hang one on your nose! Secondhand smoke has been proven to be very dangerous to all people. Just because the wait staff smokes is no reason to say there needs to be a dangerous work environment, or that the drinkers like to smoke is no reason to have smoking anywhere.

Smoking is an addiction, and we must provide every opportunity and reason for people to quit and live.

We look forward to June 5 when we join with Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Talbot County and Charles County and the thousands of jurisdictions to be smoke-free.

Neil E. Dorsey Columbia

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