May 21, 2006

DNR needs to serve all the public

The Department of Natural Resources uses a marina on the South River to berth one of its patrol boats, even though this boat is fully trailerable, meaning a flexible, mobile resource. So why is it stuck into one marina?

It appears that people in this marina were constantly complaining about the wakes of passing boats. In response, DNR put a patrol boat in that marina.

What is of concern is that DNR has provided this marina with a taxpayer-paid security force. This may lead, if it has not already, to preferential treatment of this marina's members by DNR.

At least nine other marinas, not counting private docks, are exposed to the same wake problems on the South River. Yet they do not have a DNR presence. It seems to me that DNR could do its mission on the South River for all of them cheaper and more effectively by marking no-wake areas better, and/or using several different marinas on a rotating schedule to get its trailerable boat into water.

DNR needs to serve all Maryland boaters, not just simply the loud few.

Richard Dimont

Silver Spring

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