How the horses got their names

May 20, 2006|By KENT BAKER

1 Like Now -- The name of owner John Dillon's first horse 25 years ago, he was given the same name because the time limit for no duplication had expired.

2 Platinum Couple -- Both owner-trainer Joe Lostritto and his wife have platinum hair, so this gray-roan colt runs in their name.

3 Hemingway's Key -- Bred in Florida where George Steinbrenner's racing operation is based, his name is a tribute to writer Ernest Hemingway's love of Key West. He is a grandson of Island Whirl.

4 Greeley's Legacy -- A son of Mr. Greeley, he is one in a line of offspring named in honor of a prolific sire.

5 Brother Derek -- The original owners were Mormon and their son Derek was on a mission to Armenia training to become a brother in the faith, hence the name.

6 Barbaro -- He received his name from a favorite foxhound in an earlier generation of the owners, the Jackson family, according to trainer Michael Matz.

7 Sweetnorthernsaint -- Like Greeley's Legacy, this runner was named in honor of his sire, Sweetsouthernsaint.

8 Bernardini -- A son of A.P. Indy, his name is derived from an automobile racer in Europe.

9 Diabolical -- The owners had chosen the name for a colt by Devil's Bag, but gave it to this colt because of his cunning disposition.

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