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In case you missed it, the postponed game against Detroit has been rescheduled for Sept. 21 at 4:05 p.m. There could be playoff implications. Get your tickets early.

Can you believe Ramon Hernandez has thrown out 17 of 30 runners attempting to steal, a .567 percentage that ranks first in the majors? Let's give the front office its props for that signing. He's a weapon that's been lacking behind the plate for a long, long time. And the guy is hitting, too. You can keep Bengie Molina. Hernandez was the right choice.

Is anyone excited about the Nationals series? This is supposed to be a Beltway rivalry, it's supposed to be about bragging rights, it's supposed to be personal. But I'm just not feeling it.

Maybe that'll change tonight when I walk into RFK Stadium. Or maybe I'll just be reminded how beautiful Camden Yards is and how I wish I were back there.

The Orioles are 64-93 in interleague play since 1997, the third-worst record in baseball. My favorite memory is the series in Atlanta when Davey Johnson was managing. He was pushing so many buttons, he looked like a mad scientist. At one point, while trying to make a double switch, he ended up with no left fielder and B.J. Surhoff standing at second base, ready to spike his glove into the infield dirt. Guys were scattering in all directions. But as I recall, the Orioles swept that series.

They were pretty good in those days, weren't they?

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