Third-rate burglaries? Daren Muhammad thinks not


May 19, 2006|By LAURA VOZZELLA

Nothing like a little time off from the job to help a guy come back refreshed and full of new ideas. WOLB radio host Daren Muhammad is back from his suspension with new material - stuff that's even more exciting than the alleged love life of Maryland's octogenarian bean-counter.

Yanked off the air in February for gossiping about William Donald Schaefer, Muhammad has returned to The Final Analysis, the Wednesday show he co-hosts with Ed "Slim" Butler. And he has a new solo show on Fridays, called State of the City.

On that program last week, Muhammad hinted that Baltimore had been the scene of not one, but two Watergate-style burglaries, targeting city State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy's car and state Sen. Joan Carter Conway's office.

"I don't think any of this is an accident when elected officials are being broken into," Muhammad told listeners. "You got some two-legged rats coming and going through your trash at night."

Jessamy's spokeswoman chuckled at the idea that last month's smash-and-grab, which cost Jessamy a string of pearls and some personal papers, was a political heist.

"There's been nothing to indicate anything of that sort," Margaret Burns said.

But Conway doesn't dismiss a possible political motive in her case, which dates back to November 2004. She pointed out that the burglary at her district office, in the 2800 block of Hillen Road, occurred about a month after someone broke into city Labor Commissioner Sean Malone's house, making off with his spiced-up city laptop.

"They appeared to be targeting influential people," said Conway, who lost $30,000 to $40,000 in office equipment and, harder for her to understand, photos of her grandchildren.

Even so, Conway was surprised to learn the burglary had become fodder for talk radio.

"I wasn't aware of the fact that anybody was talking about it," she said. "It's almost history to me."

Don't talk with your mouth full

Rumor has it that the lead mouthpiece for Maryland's capital city quit her job last week after the mayor's boyfriend cursed her out in her City Hall office and spit mashed potatoes her way. True?

Jan Hardesty, reached last week as she headed for what she said was a long-planned cruise to Bermuda, confirmed that she had quit but declined to comment further.

Asked the other day about her spokeswoman's departure, Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer said: "You mean on a ship to the Caribbean?" She added: "I don't have any letter of resignation."

What about the tale going around City Hall that Moyer's boyfriend and Hardesty didn't get along, that the two got into an argument while he ate a frozen dinner (with mashies) in Hardesty's office, and that Hardesty quit because the mayor sided with her beau. All Moyer would say was: "Isn't that a juicy story?"

The boyfriend in question, Dale Maddox, was the chattiest of the bunch. Which isn't saying much. "This whole thing didn't start the other night," he said, suggesting that Hardesty had been, for reasons he didn't understand, "carrying around hatred [for him] in her heart."

"I don't feel I've wronged anybody," he said. "If she were to ask me today for forgiveness, I would be glad to do that. I have no animosity toward her."

As for the potato-spittle aspect of the tale, he said: "I would say that's a bit far-fetched."

Connect the dots

Actor Charles S. Dutton, who wound up in court with his landscaper a few years back in a dispute over care of his 30-acre Marriottsville farm, seems to be doing it himself these days. He was spotted last weekend buying plants - eggplant seedlings and others - at a Sykesville feed store. ... Sports broadcaster Bob Costas gives Loyola College's commencement address tomorrow morning, then trots over to Pimlico Race Course, where he does his thing on NBC for the Preakness. Loyola spokesman Mark Kelly said the school invited Costas without realizing how convenient the gig would be for him. "He's been on our list for a number of years," Kelly said. "We didn't even know he was covering the Preakness." ... Former state Sen. Larry Young will head to the Preakness with a different horse race in mind. The WOLB radio host says he expects to rub elbows with Gov. Robert Ehrlich and will suggest several potential running mates, all of whom already work for the Gov: Debra Carter, Maryland Department of Transportation's assistant secretary for equity and economic empowerment; Sharon Pinder, who heads the state's Office of Minority Affairs; and Victor Hoskins, Maryland's secretary of housing and community development.

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